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The Laburnum Arch at Bodnant Gardens is in Bloom!

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We’re huge fans of Bodnant Garden at the Groes Inn, and we mark the start of summer in two very special ways at our historic inn in Conwy. The first is our grape vine in our fantastic conservatory – our staff make a real event out of watching the grape vine in the spring season, hoping that it will burst into bloom and signal the end of the winter gloom and the start of a fantastic summer in the Conwy Valley in beautiful North Wales.

That, and the Laburnum Arch in the absolutely majestic Bodnant Gardens which is only a stone’s throw away from us at the Groes Inn. This fantastic National Trust Property is vaunted across the world for its very many interesting species of flowers – which were the result of the very hard work of explorers – ladies and gentlemen which in the early 1900s travelled across the world with one task – to discover and bring back very many species of plants which were exclusive to far flung areas of the world.

These explorers brought back so many plants, of which the garden is still world famous for.

There’s four National Collections of Rhododendron forrestii, Magnolia, Eucryphia and also Embothrium. These plants simply didn’t exist in the UK when they were introduced to Bodnant Garden, and the ongoing work of so many gardeners (over one hundred years’ worth of work, actually!) has meant that these blooms continue to thrive in North Wales.

Of major note is the Bodnant Gardens Laburnum Arch- which is widely acknowledged as a sign that the summer is coming. It truly has to be seen to be believed, and is the perfect example of mankind working with nature to produce something absolutely spectacular. This 55 metre walk is truly something to be seen – an archway spans above your head and all around you, with the Laburnum’s golden petals cascading downward, just above your head.

It’s truly one of the prettiest things in the Bodnant Gardens, and what makes it even more beautiful is the fact that it is temporary.

If you want to see the Laburnum Arch at its very best, it’s already in bloom, and should be at its very best for another two weeks into June. Don’t delay – see something spectacular at Bodnant Gardens before it ends! You’re more than welcome to pop into the Groes Inn on your way back from the magnificent sights of the Bodnant Gardens in order to enjoy our selection of ales, as well as enjoy some really good food at our beautiful restaurant.



The Laburnum Arch at Bodnant Gardens is in Bloom!
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The Laburnum Arch at Bodnant Gardens is in Bloom!
The Laburnum Arch in Bodnant Gardens is in bloom! Only 10 minutes away, the Groes Inn provides an excellent place to catch some lunch.
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The Groes Inn
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