May is the National Walking Month -

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May is the National Walking Month

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We’re pleased to announce that May is the National Walking Month, and of all the special awareness days, months and events of the year, we’re most fond of this one.

National Walking Month is intended to promote the benefits of walking, as well as to get everyone of any fitness level doing so. And why not? We’re fortunate enough to be amidst the best of the best of the fantastic Welsh Countryside with the Conwy Valley right on our doorstep, so we’re more than pleased to embrace National Walking Month – and spread the message that walking really is as simple as putting on a good, sturdy pair of shoes, and heading out the front door to have a grand old adventure.

There are so many fantastic routes along North Wales to enjoy (as well as quality pubs along the way like our own fantastic pub and restaurant in Conwy!)  as well as so many advantages to walking. For instance, walking just 20 minutes a day can allow you to burn calories, save petrol money (bonus!) tire out the kids, make your dog’s day, discover your local area, as well as reduce stress and increase your general fitness as well.

In addition, the social aspect of walking is often huge. Why not get together a walking club? Even without the health benefits of walking, getting out there and doing so can be a fantastic way to open yourself up to the world – not to mention your pets. North Wales is perfect for rambles with man’s best friend, and walking with a group and their dogs can be a fantastic social experience as well as a  great time for your bestie and his or her pals.

20 minutes walk a day sounds simple enough, so simple that you might think it nothing. Saying that, the health and the psychological benefits of this 20-minute walk is absolutely huge – walking makes us happy and healthy – and exercise saves lives.

After a trip around the best North Wales has to give, why not return to the Groes Inn en masse and take advantage of our nonpretentious menu and our selection of real ales? We’ve got everything that can ensure that you and your best friend will be very well looked after, in our handsome inn in Conwy.

There’s a number of fantastic routes around the Groes Inn, so why not take advantage of some of them? There’s a range of routes for all styles, distances, and all abilities including beginners all the way through to advanced.  


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